About Us

Born with a love for animals, and more specifically, dogs, Premier Canine Academy's founder Jessica Oborn was a work more than two decades in the making. Growing up, Jessica always had dogs and would always take responsibility for caring for them. Originally going off to college to pursue a degree in veterinary science, Jessica quickly realized that her passion wasn't in treating animals, but training, and so dropped out of college to wholly focus on becoming an amazing dog trainer. Throughout her years learning the ins and outs of dog training, Jessica found herself working with 8 time Best of State winner, Ty Brown and his company known as "Ty The Dog Guy". Throughout her time with Ty, Jessica developed both her skills as a trainer and wonderful lasting relationships with many other trainers, most of whom Jessica maintains close contact with.


With a laser focus to build a business dedicated to offering only the highest possible training options, Premier Canine Academy was born. Our promise to you is that we will only bring to you the best of the best. We stand by our training practices and use them daily on our dogs at home. We also promise to never refer or use any products just to make a quick buck. Any and all of the products we offer are products that we use on a daily basis. So whether it be a chew toy, dog food, crates, or training, you can rest assured that you will only get the best with Premier Canine Academy.